Good Friends. Good Food. Good Times.

One of the best things about friends (and family) is being able to get together, and no matter how long since you’ve seen each other, you have an amazing time. I always get nervous that after being apart for long periods of time that things will be awkward the next time you get together, but I’m happy to say I’m usually always wrong.

This weekend we spent the weekend with friends that we met while living in Pensacola, Florida, who have recently relocated to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We had a ball.

I was treated to my first ever crawfish boil!

Just look at all that crawfish – 65 lbs!!!

We also had burgers, hot dogs, pork chops, sausage, and chicken. Don reached “meat nirvana” sometime around 8 pm I think.

Then we worked long into the evening, peeling all the remaining crawfish so they could freeze the meat.

Of course I’m not in the picture but I was pulling my weight, trust me.

It was a wonderful weekend full of good friends, good food, and good times to be remembered. Thank you Tanya for inviting us and sharing your family’s special events with us!



  1. Sounds like an awesome weekend and I am officially jealous. I am stuck here in new house hell (I never want to see another cardboard box again!!!) and it rained cats and dogs today. Living with a cooped up three year old and a teething one year old is one of the seven levels of Hell.

    So what part of a crawfish do you eat and how much meat could there possibly be on one? I though shelling crab was tedious, that looks like slavery.


    1. There isn’t much meat on them. You pull the head off and then pinch the tail above the fans. According to the internet this makes the meat pop right out of the shell. No one taught me this technique though. My style was much more labor intensive. lol For the die hard, you suck the juices out of the head too. Don was the only one who seemed to enjoy that part of it. A lot of the spices pile up there so you’ve got to like spicy to want to do that. Here’s a little how-to online that shows a good picture of the final bit of meat you get. It’s nothing compared to the size of the animal and the work involved in getting your food. But people love it down here. 🙂


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