A Year In Pictures

Today marks our one year anniversary in Lake Charles. Hard to believe another year has gone by already. It’s been difficult, the first six to nine months anywhere is always hard. Finding work, getting the finances sorted out, adjusting to Don’s new work schedule. But despite the challenges, it’s been a good year. Come with me as I take a little walk through the past year in pictures.

Exploring the waterways by the house our first week. May 2010.
Isabella (the neighbor’s dog) followed us. We had no idea if she ever wandered that far from home on her own or if she was at risk of getting lost so we caught her and I manhandled her onto the boat with me. I love this photo. Sadly, Izzy was hit by a car the following month. 😦

Fishing at the house. June 2010.
No the fish was not dinner that night. I don’t think he was big enough to keep. Either that or we weren’t hungry for fish that day. Just enjoying the sport of catching something and letting it go.

Canoeing the Whiskey Chitto River with fellow Coasties. June 2010.

Camping at Village Creek State Park in Lumberton, Texas. June 2010.

The Making Strides for Breast Cancer Walk in Sulphur, LA. October 2010. I formed a little team and recruited a few of the Coastie wives. Don and two other hubbies decided to walk with us at the last minute too. There were over 2,000 walkers in the five mile walk that day. My team, the Bouncing Betties, raised just over $1,000 and we were the top 5th ranked team in fundraising!

Duck hunting. January 2011.
Don convinced me to come along and see what all the fuss is about. We didn’t have much luck. Mostly the boys got stuck in the mud a lot. I had no idea duck hunting was so much work! We did not bring anything home that day or even get to shoot the guns but we still had a good time.

Weekend getaway to New Orleans. February 2011.
We had so much more fun than we thought we would! (We are such small town people at heart. City life intimidates me and it just makes Don cranky – sometimes.) 🙂

Another day of fishing. February 2011.

Don’s folks visited in March. They spent a week with us and we had a blast. It was hard to see them go. Glad I was at work when they left or I would have got all choked up.

I had an unexpected trip home to see my family at the end of March as well. It was rejuvenating. So glad I went. Thanks to all the people who helped make it happen!

Camping at Toledo Bend Army Rec Center, Florian, LA. April 2011.
Curse my hand in the photo! It was our best shot despite that mishap.

And last but not least, visiting friends in Baton Rouge, enjoying crawfish and good times.

Such a great moment. I love catching Don like this.

The first year in a new place is always full of tension, frustration, and challenges. We often don’t realize how much we’ve accomplished because we’re caught up in what we haven’t done yet or maybe can’t do for whatever reason. It helps us maintain perspective to look back at moments in time like this. One look and we remember the joy and good feelings.

I look forward to another year of making memories and capturing moments to savor for years to come.

“The heart of marriage is memories; and if the two of you happen to have the same ones and can savor your reruns, then your marriage is a gift from the gods.”
~ Bill Cosby


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  1. Hi J, I got to this site bu clicking on it in your email.Pretty neat. I’ll have to check from time to time to see how you’re doing
    Love, Dad


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