Reading Corner and No Noodle Lasagna


I finished reading Lethally Blonde yesterday. I want to say it was really good but in truth, it was just fun, light reading for me. I had to get past the writing; the word choice felt a bit contrived to me. It reminds me of the days when my creative writing pieces in college came back from my professors slashed and hacked for similar reasons. I finally get what they were saying after all these years. But I digress. About this book, it’s the fifth in a series by the author. I happened to pick this up randomly at the library so I haven’t read any of the others. You can definitely read it stand alone. The author includes enough back story that I could tell there was a book that came before but I didn’t feel like I’d missed anything major. I say if you like mysteries, and you like quirky, spunky characters, and you don’t have high expectations for writing style, you’d probably enjoy this book. The link above will give you a synopsis of the story if you’re interested in more.


Wow, was this fabulous! Just like the recipe says, “You’ll Never Miss The Noodles!”

You’ll need some zucchini.

Two is really enough. Don went overboard and cut all three.  🙂

We used ground turkey and ground sausage (wild hog) for our meat options. Mmmmmm…

The recipe calls for just one layer of zucchini but Don had cut so much, we put in a second layer.

Eggs and ricotta…

Spinach and mushrooms. (I was not happy about those mushrooms but I have to say, I didn’t notice them at all once it was cooked.)

A layer of shredded cheeses, more zucchini, and the final top layer of cheese…and it’s time to cook this baby!

We were so eager to eat, we dived in before I could get a picture fresh out of the oven.
My bad.

It was delish!

People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.
~ Dale Carnegie


  1. This sounds delicious! Do you think it’d work w/o the meat layer? I’m a pescatarian, and my boyfriend is a vegetarian, but I’m always looking for Primal recipes I can adapt.


    1. I think it would work with just cheese and veggies, maybe add some additional veggies like broccoli or bell pepper to give it more meat so to speak. If you try it, let me know how it turns out because we wondered about making it that way recently when we were visiting family and one of the folks is a vegetarian. We didn’t because we ended up running around sightseeing and didn’t have time to get back and cook a meal for everyone.


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