No Thank You Bugs!

As the weather warms up and the bugs come out (well, for most of us, I know it’s coming slowly for my friends in the northwest)…you have GOT to get one of these.

ThermaCELL (A moment to bask in the AWESOMENESS.)

You can find ‘em at Walmart for about $20 and I’m sure there are lots of other places to buy them.

This amazing little gadget is worth every stinkin’ penny.

Buh-leive me.

I am a glowing orb of yummy deliciousness to mosquitoes and I am frequently molested if I don’t take proper precautions – and have horrible reactions to boot. With the ThermaCELL, I don’t have to wear bug spray if I don’t want to. And I don’t know about you, but I just don’t want to be sticky and stinky with bug spray every time I’m outside for more than two minutes. (This nifty little machine does need a minute or two to warm up, so start it up as soon as you know you’re going to be outside or before the bugs make their mass appearance.)

The ThermaCELL also repels black flies, no-see ums (damn little buggers) and sand flies.

I love my ThermaCELL.

To be clear, I’ve not been asked to promote this product by anyone.

I just want other people, who relate to my pain and suffering, to know about this incredibly awesome lifesaving device!

Don has used it hunting and he LOVES it. In fact that how we learned about it. One of his hunting buddies had one with him on a trip a few months back. Don got to see it in action and was sold. He came home talking about this wacky thing that I figured was just another gimmick that wouldn’t keep the bugs away. But I figured what the hey, it’s only $20, we’ll give it a try – just to shut him up. 🙂

SO glad I didn’t argue on this one.

How does it work?

ThermaCELL uses revolutionary, patented technology to dispense a small amount of repellent into the air over a long period of time. ThermaCELL is powered by a butane cartridge which provides the cordless, portable heat necessary to operate the device (batteries are not needed). It directs the heat to a metal grill. A mat saturated with Allethrin, a copy of a naturally occurring insecticide found in chrysanthemum flowers, is placed on top of the metal grill. The heat generated by the butane cartridge vaporizes the repellent allowing it to rise into the air, creating a 15 x 15 ft (225 sq ft) “Mosquito-Free-Zone” in minutes. The repellent is very unpleasant to mosquitoes, but when used as directed, will not harm humans or pets.

Obtained from

(Hope that’s the right way, or at least comes close to the right way, for sharing something from another website. I’m probably doing it wrong but hopefully I won’t be flogged senseless for my ignorance.)

Check out more details and information on the ThermaCELL website where they have more products to choose from like outdoor lanterns and holsters for the hunting and fishing enthusiasts out there (we need one of these; so far we just bring it along and set it near us on something.)

I’m telling you – go get one now! You won’t regret it.

*I’ve not been compensated in any way for this post. I’m simply sharing personal opinion and experiences related to this product that we love.



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