Movies, Movies, and More Movies

This week we’ve had a heady dose of movies and it’s been AWESOME! On Wednesday, we caught a matinee of Kung Fu Panda 2. I was worried about it being a sequel but we loved the first one so much I knew we couldn’t skip out seeing it. I am so glad to say it rocked the house. Smiles and laughs all the way through. Yes, we are big kids. We love animated movies and this one was worth the trip to the theater. Skadoosh!

Yesterday we made it to the early bird special (first showing of the day for only $4.75 each – we have to do what we can to stretch our movie-going dollars) of the new Pirates movie. Again, I was a little worried, being a 4th movie. Could they pull it off? Was I going to miss Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann? Was hearing the same well known musical tune going to be “tired”? Heck NO! It was great. LOVED it. The music was great, the choreography of the sword fights and action sequences was fantastic, Jack Sparrow’s antics were as silly as ever. I know that the critics have really been down on this installment but I really think they are being overly critical. If you liked the other Pirate movies and you enjoy the swashbuckling adventures of Jack Sparrow, then you’ll enjoy this one too.

Also this week, we got The Mechanic on Netflix and while it wasn’t what I thought it was going to be, it was pretty good. Since this one’s probably not well known to everyone, it’s about an elite hit man who decides to train an apprentice who happens to be connected to a mark killed early in the story. It was less action than I was expecting from a Jason Statham film but it was just the right amount for the story that was being told.

Another Netflix disc that arrived this week was I Love You Phillip Morris. I have always enjoyed Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor so I wanted to check this out. Unfortunately, it did not work for me and I turned it off after about 40 minutes. I rarely do that but I just couldn’t connect with the characters and it wasn’t laugh out loud funny like I like my movies to be. It was funny and quirky in its way but it just wasn’t what I wanted. In case you don’t know, this one is about a con artist (Carrey) who meets the love of his life (Phillip played by McGregor) in prison and after being released embarks on a series of improbable cons to bust Phillip from jail.

And one more…we picked up Little Fockers on redbox this week too. While the silly misunderstandings and goofy plotlines the Focker movies always employ are a little annoying and too silly for me, I still laughed and I still thought it was fun for an at home movie night.

I bet you’re thinking, “holy crap! These guys watch way too much tv!” In our defense, we don’t watch much regular programming. Our tv time is usually spent watching movies, or the occasional 30 minute comedy of South Park, American Dad, Family Guy, Tosh.0, or things like House Hunters or MythBusters.

Our list of upcoming “must-see in the theater” movies is jam packed for the next couple of months.

X-Men: First Class
Green Lantern
Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Harry Potter
Captain America
Cowboys and Aliens

Ok. Well, maybe that’s not so bad. Six movies in two months, when we usually only see maybe one movie a month. Although, we just saw two in the last week so that’s more like eight movies in two months. Oy vey. We are going to be getting creative with the finances to be able to catch all these. We might even have to drive to Houston to see Transforms in IMAX 3D. Omg, I think I might orgasm just thinking about that.

Movies are like an expensive form of therapy for me.
~ Tim Burton



  1. I am so, so very ready to be watching Cowboys and Aliens already. Aaaaargh.

    It’s good to read something positive about the newest Pirates installation. I haven’t thought much about movies of late (although I thought plenty about Thor after watching that movie, ahem!) but I was discouraged by what I’d heard about that. I’ll probably give it a watch on DVD, when that time’s come . . . in, what? Another three weeks? It’s definitely not as long a wait as it used to be, happily!


    1. That’s right! We want to see that one too. But, sadly, it will probably be on DVD and not theater. There’s a ton of others that we have to wait till DVD too – Bridesmaids, Hangover 2, Bad Teacher, The Smurfs, The new Conan movie… So many movies, so little money. lol


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