1. We are so in the same boat! I’ve been thinking about Twitter ever since I started blogging but have been fighting it. I don’t really have a good reason, I just haven’t wanted to go there. But it does seem like a necessary step if I want to keep moving forward with my blog. Perhaps I will join you on this journey! I will say Josh seems to love Twitter. He spends more time in the tweet deck then Facebook.


    1. You know what really got my attention? Hearing that KEVIN has a Twitter account! I’m not surprised at all that Josh does, and I knew that Jorgensen did and I assume that Lex does. (I was a little surprised to hear that you don’t – I raise my glass to you for holding out this long!) 🙂 But for some reason, hearing that Kevin has an account, even though he and Diane have fervently refused to join the fb world…well that really gave me pause. lol Not that I wasn’t already thinking about it alot. Check out another blogger’s recent post about Twitter that kind of makes me feel old because she’s younger than us, by just a bit. It also makes me wonder how long it will take me to set up an account. lol http://thejackieblog.com/?s=twitter


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