Ten Years And Counting!

Officially, today, we have been married ten years.

Ten years! I know that might not seem like much when compared to bigger milestones like 25 or 30 but right now it feels HUGE and I think it should be celebrated.

I want more than anything to do a post commemorating the last ten years, with snapshots from each year but alas, that is going to be a hefty project. We didn’t switch to digital photography until about 2003, so I’ve got at least two years that are going to be tricky to include. Not to mention the time it is going to take to go back through photos upon photos to pick out some noteworthy shots. My goal is to accomplish this by Sunday. Here’s hoping.

In the meantime, check out the incredibly sweet thing my man did – made me personalized wrapping paper. He’s such a closet romantic.


He’s done this before – it still totally takes me by surprise. He might be tough on the outside, but he’s got a bit of a sentimental side. (Puts me to shame really. I’m too damn practical. And because we had already discussed a joint gift, I didn’t have anything to give him. Well, I scrambled and got a card at the last minute when I saw a strange purchase on our account and knew he was going outside our previously agreed to plans. Still, that pales in the comparison to his thoughtfulness. Boo on me.)

Inside this wonderfully thoughtful paper was a specialized lens for my new digital SLR (our first) that I’m getting for my birthday next month. (I wish I could try it out now! I guess it won’t kill me to have to wait three more weeks.)

He bought me a LensBaby. He picked the Muse lens.

Looks a little tricky. Should be fun exploring what it can do.

An anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow. 
~ Author Unknown



  1. Happy Anniversary! That’s awesome!

    PS-Please disregard the comment in my reply to you about wanting your link- duh, it was in my email notification. Told you I was not blog saavy!


    1. lol I’m not either. I sooo can’t figure out the gmail follow thing. It says I’m following you but, um what does that mean exactly? No idea. I’m such a noob. I’ve got the feed added to my google homepage now too, so maybe that will work.

      Thanks for the anniversary wishes! 🙂


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