Adventures in Texas

I know you’re all dying to know what we were up to over the days that we were out of town. We visited one of our timeshares in New Braunfels, Texas.

The room was delightful.

It was so much more than a room really. It was a townhouse. It was much larger than our typical condo or resort because it actually started out as a townhouse development project but the builder left the project partway through and WorldMark by Wyndam (our timeshare company) picked it up and finished it for a vacation resort.

We had two bedrooms, as well as a loft, and three bathrooms. It was huge. Far more space than anyone needs for a five-day vacation. It’s great to feel spoiled.

We have been WorldMark owners since 2002 and it’s the best decision we ever made. No regrets. We regularly enjoy the benefits of vacationing because we made travel a lifestyle priority. WorldMark runs off a points system and we have enough points for two full weeks of travel, or many smaller mini-vacations, every year – for life! More on that another time.

As for this trip, during our stay we visited with cousins and other extended family.

We enjoyed a hike at Panther Canyon Nature Trail


and a stroll through Landa Park.

(click to enlarge)

We went swimming at Canyon Lake.

We also floated both the Guadalupe River and the Comal River

Picture courtesy of

 …enjoyed some culinary delights at Gristmill, saw the movie the Green Lantern in 3D (pretty good but not a major WOW for me), stopped by the Guadalupe River State Park for a quick look-see…

toured the Cave Without A Name

…enjoyed sleeping in until about 8 am each day, and generally just enjoyed getting away from our regular routine and exploring some new sights.

Also noteworthy, we visited cousins who recently welcomed a new bundle of joy, and they loved the quilt that I made for Baby Eli.

The hubby must be credited with the design inspiration. He declared something in camo was a must. I knew I could find various camo fabrics, but didn’t think I could find fabrics with various wildlife animals. I was pleasantly surprised to find bears, deer, elk, ducks, all sorts of huntable animals to include. I had my doubts about the design (initially) and about whether they would like it since it wasn’t a traditional looking baby quilt, but again, my man’s instincts proved true. Fancy that. He must get tired from being right all the time.

One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.
~ William Feather


    1. Thanks! Don’s hassling me now to make him something similar. The backing is fleece and he wants me to make him a sleeping bag, with the fleece on the inside and a quilted outside. I don’t even know how to do zippers yet! lol


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