On Writing

I’m really getting a kick out of this blog thing. (No, really?)

Image by Michal Marcol. Click to view portfolio.

I haven’t written this much in ages. I am LOVING it! It might not quite qualify as creative writing per se, but I think it comes close.

I finally get what the experts mean when they say, “just write” to people who like to write. That the process of writing itself helps you think, helps you grow, and helps you develop your creativity. I’ve heard those little nuggets of wisdom, I don’t know how many times, in creative writing classes but I never found an outlet that really worked for me. I failed miserably at the practice of writing in a personal journal. Perhaps because I was the only one reading it. It just didn’t engage me.

With blogging, I feel like a whole new world has opened up. I feel inspired and excited about writing again. I find myself brainstorming for topics and writing drafts for ideas days in advance. I write thinking that at least someone is reading it. LOL (Thank you to my little group of followers! I love you!)

Writing to an audience feels so liberating! (Is my cheeze factor getting to you? Sorry ’bout that. I’m a little cheezy sometimes.)

I think I can tell a good story from time to time and all the other stuff in between, well, hopefully it’s somewhat interesting too. I also hope that over time my voice will become more consistent and distinct and that my creativity will grow.

I’m still concerned with the fact that my blog focus is not, well, very focused. I feel like my topics, my interests, my posts are all over the place and lacking continuity. At the same time, I don’t want to post only about food, or only about books, or only about just one thing. Hmm, so maybe I should stop worrying about my focus.

Hopefully my readers will enjoy the ride regardless.

Thanks for reading, even when I seem ridiculously random. 🙂

Writing is a lot easier if you have something to say.
~ Sholem Asch


One comment

  1. I’d intended my blog to be a writing blog, so I think it’s fair to say that (a) it’s less focused than I intended it to be and (b) still here by virtue of (a). I realized that the blogs I love reading are the ones that talk about real life in all its facets. Sometimes there might be one overarching topic, but I like it when that’s not all there is. So, my take is–the focus is you! Need it be more focused than that? 0:) (Probably it should be more focused than me today.)


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