Kitty Shower

Some folks know from facebook that we are having A/C trouble. We learned yesterday that the compressor is out and the coils are bad and the whole unit needs to be replaced. Our landlord is working on it and in the meantime we a portable A/C unit attached to one of the windows in the bedroom to provide some relief in one room of the house. (I’ve never been so thankful of A/C in my life!) We managed to get the living area/kitchen down to about 86 this morning, using a box fan to blow the cold air from the bedroom into the other room, but as of this evening, it’s back up to 92 out there. At least our bedroom is a safe haven to escape to, thanks to this little beauty…

Yesterday, before we found the portable to borrow, when our inside temp was peaking around 97 degrees, we decided to give the kitties a bath. It was something to pass the time for us and we thought it would give them a short cool down as well.

A friend recently suggested we get pictures next time we bathe the cats because it can get a bit comical. So I donned my swimsuit and Don grabbed the camera.

We were a little too cocky when we started out.

We left the bathroom doors open and lo and behold Milo showed us feats of acrobatic talent we have never seen before. He vaulted OVER the shower wall into Don’s arms, which were not expecting a cat to fall into them so he didn’t manage to hold on, and Milo went streaking into the other room. Luckily Don caught him before he got very far.

Take 2.

We got Milo back into the shower. This time we made sure to shut the bathroom doors, just in case there was a repeat performance. I was ready though and also managed to block his efforts when he did get that look in his eye again.

See how he gets that look in his eye? (He’s looking right up at the area when he escaped previously.)

He’s all about finding a way out if he could. He’s smart and he knows if he leans on the door hard enough he can pop it open. I have to watch out for that too.

I love this shot of Milo. It is the best of the bunch (of 76 pictures.) We actually had another where he was facing the camera right on and I’m kicking myself because I accidentally overwrote it with another photo. I’d like to blame it on the computer for not asking me if I want to Save As a file that already exists, but I know I was just not paying close attention too. Lesson learned. Go slower and pay attention or you might lose your best shot to something stupid.

Olli’s apparent distress doesn’t really come across in the pictures. He looks bored more than anything. But believe me, he cries his little heart out the whole time.

Awww, don’t they just look precious? Or ready to claw my eyes out if I come any closer? 🙂

The cat is above all things, a dramatist.
~ Margaret Benson


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