Venison Bacon Steak Burgers

Last night for dinner we had deer burger steak and sautéed vegetables. Yum.

The burger was like a meat loaf of sorts. Don adapted from a recipe we’ve used in the past for venison bacon burgers, substituting green onion for the shallots, and adding a little almond flour, and red pepper flakes. The patties are much larger than normal burger size since we wouldn’t be eating them like a traditional burger as well.

If you’ve never tried it, horseradish and steak sauce make for a nice dipping sauce with your meats.

The veggies are simply onions, cucumbers, and squash sautéed with a little italian dressing.

To escape the heat of the house, we set up outside on the porch.

It was nice.

Sort of.

The food was hot. And spicy. So we were still sweating.

And then I spilled my entire glass of wine.

I guess the silver lining on that was that at least it was outside and not much had to be cleaned up. And the new camera was on the opposite side of the porch. Thank goodness.

But I was still out an entire glass of wine. 😦

After dinner we took cold showers to cool off and clean up and then we retired to the bedroom to bask in the blessed A/C. (I’m headed back there now as well.)

Wine is the most civilized thing in the world.
~ Ernest Hemingway

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