Slow Down Already!

Well yesterday’s post turned out to be prophetic of sorts, if I had also have mentioned how I’m constantly hurting myself because I’m moving too quickly or trying to do too much at once.

Last night, I managed to smash my foot with the kickstand of my bicycle. I know, how exactly does that happen? I’m not sure I can even explain. I was moving the bike without putting the kickstand up (maybe that was the problem.) I had flip flops on and as the bike passed over my right foot, I didn’t give my foot enough clearance and the rubber nub of the kickstand very forcefully smeared across the top of my foot. Taking a little skin with it (not enough to bleed thankfully) and made a major impression into my foot. Needless to say, it is bruised mightily and I’m so annoyed with myself.

Then, later in the night, I was making the bed. Um, how do you hurt yourself while making the bed? Well, first you have to be me. Then, you have a bed with only one Temperpedic mattress (no box spring) on a wooden platform. (The bed is a self-made design. The pictures are so four years ago. 🙂 )

You know how when you need to tuck the fitted sheet around the sides of the bed, you lift the mattress a bit and push your hands under? Well, maybe not everyone has to lift. If I don’t, I rub my hands on bare wood so I do a lift and tuck motion. My knuckles are facing down. Well, when I tucked I had too much downward motion going and I smacked the wood with my right hand, right on the top of my middle finger and gouged a nice big cut out of my knuckle. This one did bleed. Profusely. Nice. And I wasn’t even done making the bed – with cream colored sheets.

Don says it’s not that I’m clumsy, I just don’t move slowly enough and I don’t think about my actions before I do them. He’s probably right. I just like to get things done and I’m always hustling on to the next thing. I guess these little moments are life’s way of telling me I need to practice slowing down.

Slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you.
~ John De Paola


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