Buried, The Lincoln Lawyer, Sucker Punch

I know it’s not Monday but I forgot to include my review of Buried so I’m diverging from form and talking about movies today. We watched this little jewel last week. If I had known how “Blair Witch Project-esque” Buried was, I would not have put it on our netflix queue. This movie was an entire 90 minutes of one man trapped inside a box. I’m not kidding you. Admittedly, it kept our interest and it was somewhat thrilling, getting our hopes up that he might escape. But sadly, it is not a movie I would recommend to anyone. Don however went to work the next day and told folks, “I saw this awesome movie last night! You’ve got to see it, it’s called Buried.” I’m waiting for one of the guys to come back to Don and say, “You thought that was great?” Don will laugh and say, “No, but tricking you into watching it was.” lol  He’s such a troublemaker.

This week we watched The Lincoln Lawyer. I don’t like the title but I liked this movie. The story makes me thankful that I’m not a lawyer. Matthew McConaughey plays a sleazy defense attorney who seems to have no morals but as the story progresses the depth of his character is revealed. I saw in the opening credits that it was based on a book and I couldn’t help but think that it would probably be a really good read. The inner turmoil of a character is hard to convey on the screen. Not wanting to give anything away I would just say that if you like court room drama, or just to look at Matthew McConaughey, then this movie will be worth your while. There are also A LOT of other familiar faces in this movie and it makes for an interesting ensemble.

Last night we watched Sucker Punch. Weird movie. It is a dark story of a young girl institutionalized by her abusive stepfather. She is scheduled for a lobotomy and in the few days before the procedure, she creates an alternative reality in an attempt to escape, both mentally and physically. It is a story of empowerment and it is sad and hopeful at the same time. The action dream sequences are over the top and were less appealing to me than I thought they would be but I still enjoyed the movie overall. I’ve seen the story criticized as formulaic and I don’t disagree. Despite that, the ending surprised me so even though the plot might seem too driven by formula, it wasn’t predictable. I’ll admit it was losing me somewhere in the middle because I wasn’t sure how it was all going to tie together (or maybe it was the repeated interruptions we had last night that made us have to pause and start again a number of times) but I hung in there hoping it would come together sensibly and it did. If you like fantasy and/or action, you just might like this movie.

I shall call him squishy and he shall be mine. He shall be my squishy. Come here squishy!
~ Dory (Finding Nemo)


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