Movies! Unknown, Season of the Witch, Beastly

It’s been a string of mediocre movies the last few days.

Unknown was the best of the three. It was a pretty good movie. The only thing it really had going against it for me is that it reminded me of The Bourne Identity and therefore didn’t feel original enough. In this movie, Liam Neeson plays a man who wakes from a coma in a foreign country, only to find that another man is living his life. No one seems to recognize him and he’s lost all identification. He must set out on a mission to prove his identity, enlisting what help he can along the way. It was a bit predictable. If there’s nothing else to rent, it’s not a total waste of time, but it’s not something to rave about either.

Season of the Witch was a huge disappointment. In this flick, former Crusaders, played by Nicholas Cage and Ron Perlman, are tasked with protecting and transporting a woman accused of being witch to a remote monastery for trial during a time of plague. That doesn’t sound all that bad, unfortunately, this movie was not executed well. One of the biggest killers for me was that the dialogue did not feel true to the period. 21st century swear words just don’t ring true in a 14th century setting for me. The story development was weak. The characters were never fully developed so I hardly cared when one or another died. There were attempts at humor that couldn’t really break through the dark, brooding mood that prevailed throughout the film. Trust me when I tell you, this one is worth skipping.

Beastly wasn’t as poorly done, but it comes close. Shocking as it will sound, this was Don’s choice. He’s been suggesting it for weeks and try as I might to tell him it was just a romance flick that wasn’t going to appeal to us, he wouldn’t listen. It was like the time he insisted we give Twilight a chance – even though I’d read the book and warned against it. He just likes to be stubborn sometimes. I think with Beastly that he was intrigued by the cover or maybe he just wanted to see how this new modern spin on “Beauty and the Beast” played out. I’d take the Disney story over this any day. Maybe this movie fared well with the younger crowd who might have related to the actors more or to those who enjoy melodramatic romance stories. I say do yourself a favor and skip this one too.

There’s no thief like a bad movie.
~ Sam Ewing



  1. Love the quote by Sam Ewig! Soooo true. Didn’t see “Beastly” but saw the other two movies and totally agree with you. Another one that wasn’t executed well, have a decent dialogue or any character development was “Cowboys and Aliens.” We were really looking forward to it being fans of westerns and sci-fi, as well as Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford, but when we left the theater we wondered what just happened. One of the worst movies we ever saw!

    Hopefully there’s some good movies in our futures =-)



    1. Oh NO!!! Major bummer! I’ve been looking forward to seeing Cowboys and Aliens SO MUCH but unfortunately, finances being what they are, we’d come to the agreement that we would have to wait to see it on DVD. So I have been sheltering myself from reviews and hadn’t heard anything before your comment. I’m super bummed to hear from a fellow western/sci-fi flick aficionado that’s it no good. But, maybe better to know now and not expect too much when I finally see it. Makes me thankful we haven’t gone to see it in the theater yet either. Still, I’m looking forward to seeing Daniel Craig on screen for an hour or so. Can’t get enough of that. 😛


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