Mini-celebration of me

Is it wrong to want to shout to the world that I’m fully and truly wearing a size 6 now?!

I really, really want to. I want to jump and dance and do cartwheels.

But…there’s a part of me that whispers in my ear that I’m boasting and that it’s not appropriate.

Then there’s another voice that says, celebrate your success! Be proud of what you’ve achieved! Don’t hide it.

I’m so confused.

I think I’ll go with the second voice and I will just hope that you can forgive me for my big-headed, mini-celebration of me.

Now, you have to know that I’ve never, NEVER, worn a size 6 in my life. Once upon a time, say around age 10 I might have worn junior size 7 or 9 – honestly I can’t even remember those days. Middle school I wore junior sizes 11 and 13. High school, I branched off into some missy clothing size 10 or 12. I was on top of the world about three years ago when I starting wearing a few things in size 8 and as time went on and more 8’s crept into the closet (oh those were exciting days too), but eventually even those have been hanging loosely on me for some time now.

What happened? Not much. I’ve stopped eating processed foods and adopted a diet of whole foods and low carbs and here I am.

Now, I am looking at tags in my closet that say 6. And can I just say, it feels really weird to wear clothes that actually fit. It’s going to take some getting used to again.

HUGE thanks need to be shouted out to my BFF, who took it upon herself to be my personal shopper and from 2,500 miles away managed to send me a box of clothes of which only two items (out of about 20) didn’t fit. How she worked this little bit of magic I will never know. I can take 20 things in the dressing room at a department store and not come out with a single one that fits properly or looks the way I’d hoped. I seriously think she should take this skill on the road and start personal shopping for people like me who, for one HATE shopping in the first place, and for two can’t ever seem to find anything when we try to make the effort. Before Joanna’s incredibly thoughtful gesture – that I will forever be grateful for – I had one pair of jeans and two pairs of shorts that fit properly. Now I think I could go an entire week, maybe longer, wearing clothes that fit! Imagine that!

Here’s a peak at some of my new duds…

If you like these little photo collages, you can make them too, using PicNik. A fun, free photography tool a fellow blogger shared with her readers. She mentioned a few other must-have sites she uses regularly in this post that might interest you. They are not all photography related so go ahead and check them out. I dare you. 🙂

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.
~ Oprah Winfrey




  1. Sing it! Shout it! It’s awesome. Also, it’s perfectly timed for my reading, since I’ve just determined it’s time to move weight loss (from my post-pregnancy 14 to my pre-pregnancy 8) up to “current” on my to-do list. I look forward to posting something similar to this five or six months down the road!


    1. Thanks for the props Deb! Best of luck to you on your quest for your pre-pregnancy 8. I’m telling you, cutting out pasta, grain, wheat, rice, flour – all that stuff made a huge difference for me. We also went through our fridge and pantry and eliminated everything with high fructose corn sugar in it too. Which pretty much cuts out all juice and power drinks – watch out for things like Gatorade, they aren’t what they seem. I am all about promoting only water, coffee, tea, and wine for beverages. (Ok and little cocktail here and there too.) 🙂 Check out Mark’s Daily Apple on my blogroll if you haven’t before. Lots of great information there about healthy eating without calorie counting or cardio busting. Living primal/paleo has been life changing for both of us.


  2. Keep on celebrating, sistah! You have every reason to be proud of loving yourself and doing good for that gorgeous body of yours. It’s so simple yet so hard to eat what the body needs and not what advertising tells our minds it needs to “eat.” We’re big whole food eaters over here and just got back from the farmer’s market with fresh food. Yum-mee 🙂

    Woo hoo and yipphee for you!!!!!



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