Mars Needs Moms and Limitless

It’s time for another Movie Monday!

Our movie viewing has slowed down a little lately as we’ve been busy with other projects and activities. Yesterday we spent the bulk of our day fabricating a hog trap for hunting. I thought too late that it might have been nice to get pictures of the materials before, and the end product after. (Don is amazing with building things!) But we were too dirty and hot and tired to really want to mess around with it. Maybe I’ll get a shot when we finish – there’s still a lot of work to be done.

As for movies, this past week we watched Mars Needs Moms and Limitless. We both really enjoyed Mars Needs Moms. For a movie with a really goofy title I thought it was a very creative story that, even though I don’t have kids, I believe would be hugely appealing to young children. There were a few gaps in the story that might be noticed by adults but they were not overly troublesome to us and they wouldn’t even be noticed by young children. It was fun, light entertainment. Good for big kids (like us) or for the whole family.

Conversely, I didn’t love Limitless. It was interesting but I was left a little dissatisfied when it was over. I’m not entirely sure why. Usually when the credits start to roll, Don and I each chime in with “I thought it was really good!” or “Eh, it was ok.” I was a little “eh…” and Don jumped in with a hearty, “I liked it!” So there you go. Despite some rough reviews I’ve read about it, it was entertaining, and we give it about one and 1/2 thumbs up.

From Mars Needs Moms
Milo: I’m on a spaceship. This is so good!


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  1. My sister also said Mars Needs Moms is good. I’m lazy and will probably wait until it hits HBO, but I am looking forward to seeing this movie.


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