Boys Will Be Boys

I caught the boys “playing” a bit yesterday. They have at least one Mexican standoff almost every day. I always want to break it up because they sound like they are beating the crap out of each other but Don is always telling me to leave them be.

Boys will be boys I guess.

Here comes Olli (right) to disrupt Milo’s afternoon nap in the sun. We start out with a staring contest.

Olli is determined to share Milo’s space.

Milo’s not having it.

You’re in my personal space. Kindly remove yourself.

I said, “BACK OFF!” (His bark is a lot worse than his bite.)

But Olli never gets the hint. Or maybe he does and he just likes to push Milo’s buttons.

And Olli wins again – Milo fell off the table and took off running, Olli close behind.

A baited cat may grow fierce as a lion.
~ Samuel Palmer




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