Movie Monday! Rio, Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

This past week we watched Rio, and Dylan Dog: Dead of Night. Both were fun movies.

Rio of course is a great kid/family movie. It’s lighthearted and silly. I particularly enjoyed the voice of Jesse Eisenberg for Rio.

Dylan Dog was a surprise. Not sure whether to take it seriously or whether it was meant to be campy we watched with eager anticipation. At the introduction of zombies and one of the characters coming back to life as a zombie, it clicked. Funny. Not serious. I’ve read reviews that disparaged Dylan Dog for being second-rate Buffy-style tv, that the story is bland, that the costumes are uninteresting and lifeless, but for me, it was fresh and fun. It made me laugh. It brought to mind scenes from Ugly Americans (which always makes me laugh), and seemed to me that it would appeal to the demographic that enjoys the True Blood series as well. It may not have been done big enough to be a huge blockbuster, but it makes for a great rental in my opinion.

Film spectators are quiet vampires.
~ Jim Morrison



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