Kitty Cuteness – There’s just no comparison

I’ve been having fun playing with camera settings and taking pictures of the boys lately. When downloading and cataloging the latest shots, I glimpsed some from when they were little. Milo was especially adorable because we got him when he was just itty bitty. Olli we rescued as a stray at about six months old so we still got a little kitten time with him but not quite like Milo.

Get ready for cuteness!

I can’t believe Milo was ever that tiny! It seems so long ago.

BTW, if this doesn’t just melt your heart…then it’s made of stone. 🙂

No, his claws are not painted. Those are soft paws, a great alternative to declawing. (He is declawed now, we used the soft paws until he was old enough for the surgery.)

Somewhere along the line, Milo went from this little guy on the left, to the ferocious tiger on the right.

Don’t be fooled. He’s all bark. He does nip and it startles people who are unfamiliar to him. But he’s incredibly gentle. He’s never bitten to break the skin. We like to joke that he just likes to taste you. He gnaws on your knuckles if you let him but it’s more playful than aggressive.

I can’t believe he’s eight years old already.

Then there’s Olli. Who went from this…

…to this.

He’s such a turd. Always has to be in the middle of everything and right on top of things.

He’s still a bit of a teenager, only about three years old.

I miss the itty bitty kitties but even all grown up, I adore my two mischief-makers.

Beware of people who dislike cats.
~ Irish proverb



  1. I love your kitty pictures and comments!!!! I miss my furry one — haven’t seen him in two hours.

    That Irish proverb is spot on. I learned to heed it without knowing it was an Irish proverb.


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