Movie Monday – Hanna, and a little fishing

Our movie viewing lately has been slow. We’ve just been too busy with other things – I’m ok with that. I enjoy movies, but it’s nice to have some other things to do too. The month of August was so unbearably hot and we were going crazy with cabin fever. It’s nice to have things to do again and to be able to get out and enjoy some time outside too.

Let’s see, oh, right. Movies…we watched Hanna last week. It was…ok. I was entertained but not wowed. I guessed a few things here and there as the story went along so I guess you say it was predictable. Not unbearably so but just not quite original enough to totally take me by surprise at every twist or turn. Storyline: young girl, raised by her father in isolation as an assassin. Goes out into world. Kills people. (No real spoilers here. That’s pretty much the known plot.) There was also some emphasis on Hanna’s sensory overload as result of her sheltered upbringing. Overall, interesting, but not impressive. I’m glad we waited and watched it on rental.

Totally unrelated to movies, I’m super excited to share about our fishing excursion yesterday. We were only out for a little over two hours but a lot happened in those two hours! We caught two redfish and one drum – I caught two of those three! I’m fairly certain those were the biggest fish I’ve ever caught. I’m a little squeamish about holding them but I’m glad Don made me so I can have a picture of me to share for once. 🙂

We were catching things left and right. Every time we threw our line in, something hit it and either stripped our bait or got reeled in and tossed back for being too small. It was the most active fishing I’ve ever experienced. We had a good time.

We fished until we ran out of bait and then headed in – through a rainstorm on the far side of the waterway, right at the park where we launched. We got SOAKED loading up but it was still tons of fun.

Here’s a few other pics from earlier in the day…

The two best times to fish is when it’s rainin’ and when it ain’t.
~ Patrick F MacManus

(And we got a little of both yesterday!) 🙂


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