Spicy Stovetop Green Bean Casserole

Here’s what you need:

2 cans of green beans (I like cut beans but french style would work too)
1 can of condensed cream of mushroom soup
bacon (3-4 strips give or take depending on your affinity with bacon)
sweet onion (I like onion so I’d say go with a whole onion)
almond milk (about a 1/4 cup)
garlic powder (about 1 tsp)
cayenne or red pepper flakes (1 tsp should give it a good kick, if you like spicy that is)
salt and pepper (I’d say about 1/4 tsp)

Sorry, I don’t have exact measurements on this one. I tried to give some guidelines but it’s one of those dash of this, dash of that, flavor to your taste recipes.

Simply combine everything but the bacon and mix together. Put a lid on your pan and warm over medium heat. Once the pan warms up, the mushroom soup will thin out and it will be easier to stir. If it bubbles and wants to stick to the pan, turn it down a little. You want it to simmer to cook down the onions.

In another pan, fry your bacon till it’s nice and crispy and then break or chop into bits and add to the pan of yumminess.

Let it all simmer for 30-45 minutes, give or take depending on your stove and other factors. This can stay on the stove for as long as you need on a low temp till your main dish is ready to serve.

If you don’t like the texture of onions or don’t have any, you can make this without them. We’ve made it without onions, but with a tsp of onion powder instead and that turned out great too.

Hope you like it!

Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon.
~ Doug Larson

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