We like to collect shells. I have a few jars and containers of shells we collected while living in Florida.

Yesterday we went out to the beach here in Louisiana and walked for a couple of hours. First time that we’ve driven out together and it not been raining when we got there. Thankfully, it was a great day for walking and beachcombing. Don is on a mission to find a huge conch shell, intact, one of these days. No such luck yesterday but we bought home a few other nice specimens. I haven’t cleaned them up yet but I have some nice pictures of the beach.

The beach here is vastly different from other beaches we’ve enjoyed over the years. For one, it’s incredibly dirty which is a bit of a downer. I can’t believe the copious amounts of trash washed up. (I tried to get pictures that didn’t show too much of that.) As native West Coasters who grew up on the concept of recycling and keeping our world clean, it was an unexpected and appalling sight to see. We could have spent a whole day cleaning and would have hardly made a dent. Unfortunately we didn’t come prepared for a beach cleanup and didn’t have the means to do much of anything.

We also saw about 15 of these little babies off in the distance.

And we believe these dark areas and balls in the sand are tar balls and oil residue. Not a particularly heartwarming thing to see.

This was another odd sight…

Still, it was nice to hear the ocean and we enjoyed scavenging for shells.

The ocean is a mighty harmonist.
~ William Wordsworth


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  1. The beach can be full of so much life: marine life and the wasted life of humans, unfortunately. It looks like you had a nice day, though, surrounded by beauty, and with a goal to find a conch shell!

    Thanks for the birthday greetings, Jessica! Hope you and your man have a fab Thanksgiving =-)



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