Reading Corner – Little Earthquakes

Little Earthquakes is by Jennifer Weiner. The story surrounds three very different women whose lives converge as they navigate the challenges of new motherhood. Um, why did I want to read that? Oh, right, I read Goodnight Nobody a few months ago and enjoyed it so I thought I’d try something else of Jennifer’s. Little Earthquakes was well written and easy to read but I didn’t connect to the characters or their problems simply because I don’t have kids and don’t plan to have kids. I think the story would have more meaning for women who have been through the things the characters experience – sleepless nights, round the clock feedings, struggles about whether to go back to work or stay home with baby, etc. I have a couple of friends in mind who I think would enjoy this story, one of you just might see it in your mailbox one of these days. 🙂

Reading is a means of thinking with another person’s mind; it forces you to stretch your own.
~ Charles Scribner, Jr. 



  1. I’m fine with this landing in my mailbox as long as none of them dies a slow painful death at the end, leaving behind 3 young motherless children.


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