Tip For Making Bacon Bits

Have you ever tried frying bacon and then chopping it to bits? Do they fly everywhere and make a ginormous mess? Yeah, me too. It’s sort of like trying to cut a thin crust pizza that’s got a super crunchy edge. I still have yet to find a solution to that frustration.

As for bacon, try this next time. Place your bacon on your cutting board on the napkin or paper towel you used to rest/drain the bacon after if came out of the pan.

Commence chopping with slow, measured movements. Watch those fingers.

And, voila! Easy bacon bits without the mess.

Disclaimer: It’s possible this is a particular trait of the Viva paper towel. It’s very thick and soft and the bacon kind of sticks to the towel and the towel doesn’t break, tear, or cut. I can’t promise all brands will perform this same way.

Heck, give it a try next time and let me know how it goes. 🙂

Of all the lessons in life that I’ve learned the hard way, the ones involving frontal nudity and hot bacon grease seem to be the most enduring.
~ unknown



    1. I said the same thing to Don and he said this was easier. He said it’s a PITA to chase the bits around the pan in the grease and then to drain them afterwards. We like ours in very small pieces when using it as a garnish or added flavor to another dish. I imagine it all depends on how small you want your pieces and what’s easiest for each individual. Before he showed me this trick I would break the pieces with my fingers, which was a whole other kind of messy so I was thrilled to have an option that didn’t end in bacon dust all over my fingers (not that that’s all bad) or bits and pieces all over the floor and counter.


    1. Hmm, well, we’ve never cooked a pound of bacon at one time before so I have no idea how much you would get out of a pound of bacon. It would be A LOT that’s for sure. We usually only do 4-5 pieces at a time for most dishes, which I would guess comes close to about a 1/4 lb of uncooked bacon. (I have found that 1 lb of bacon usually has about 20 slices, give or take a couple of slices. Depends on the thickness.)


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