Another Photo Challenge | Holiday Bokeh Party

I was invited by Live, Love, Travel to participate in a holiday bokeh party photo challenge so I spent some more time with my camera last night and tried a few new angles and subjects. It is difficult to choose a favorite from this bunch. Don really likes the last photo with Olli, who btw was pestering me the whole time so I decided to try to fit him into some photos as well. Even thought it’s hard to choose, we’ll call this first photo my entry in the challenge.

Taken with the LensBaby Muse.

This one was taken with my regular lens. As you can see, the light bokeh is just not as impressive as when I use the LensBaby. It’s still a good picture, I like the lights and the ribbon in the background.

I like the play of the Christmas lights on the ornaments and that if you look closely you can see the tree reflected.

I just like this photo. I really thought I wouldn’t but I do.

I like the play of the lights in the body of the angel in this one.

I like the distortion and the play of light in this one.

I really like this one. I was surprised that it wasn’t one of Don’s favorites.

And there’s Olli. Little bugger.

Hop over and see more holiday light bokeh at Live, Love, Travel.


There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.
~ Ansel Adams



  1. great job, I’d have a hard time picking too! I like the lensbaby affect in the first shot, and I like the sharp focus in the second. And the shot with your kitty is SOO cute! Thanks for linking up!


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