Movie Monday – Straw Dogs and The Darkest Hour

Last week we rented Straw Dogs; it was Don’s choice that night. I was really worried it would be another movie like The Strangers or The Last House on the Left. These are not my kind of movies. They are disturbing in so many ways and I prefer to avoid them. Thankfully, Straw Dogs is not that kind of movie. Well, it is a little, but it wasn’t graphic or gory or even scary. It was dumb. The acting was not bad. It was not a complete train wreck of a movie but the believability (for us) was just not there. The husband and wife didn’t communicate when they should; the wife did a few royally stupid things that seemed completely out of character; and there was some strange side plot that was never fully resolved, it just provided for another avenue for suspense and conflict. It’s my understanding that this is a remake of an older film (that was better according to other reviews I’ve read) and an adaptation of a 1969 novel. I’m guessing the book is probably better. I would not recommend this current remake unless you are really bored or manage to get a free rental for it.

We also watched The Darkest Hour in 3D yesterday. It was entertaining. It wasn’t mind-blowing or something I suggest anyone run out and stand in any lines to see, but we enjoyed it. It’s an alien invasion, end of the world sci-fi fantasy. If that’s not your style then you can skip this one. But if you’re like us and you enjoy exploring SHTF end of the world survivalist stories, then this one’s right up your alley. LOL  🙂

Never judge a book by its movie.
~ J.W. Eagan


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