Post-Holiday Gift Reveal

For those who read about our holiday tradition with Aunt Betty last week and are waiting anxiously for the gift reveal…here it is.

To Aunt Betty…

This was a joint effort between Don and Kevin. Two heads are always more twisted than one. For a closer look at the creative writings, click here.

It was a smashing success. Aunt Betty thought it was a riot. She even said she’d be needing them in another year or two – so far they are only reaching her waist. She also asked where we saw them to get the idea. We didn’t. They are a pure, original, twisted design of our own.

To Don…

A Redneck wine glass – homemade even! Aunt Betty took an old mason jar and hot glued it to a candlestick. Really funny thing is, now we have a matched set because a friend of mine gave me this for Christmas as well…

I’m pretty sure this one was purchased though so Aunt Betty gets the nod for actually making hers.

Because they are so fun, I have to include a couple of shots of Don as he opened his gift.

I hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday, full of warmth and joy, and maybe a little laughter. 🙂

Humor is mankind’s greatest blessing.
~ Mark Twain


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