Christmas in New Orleans – Cirque Dreams Holidaze

If you have never been to a Cirque show…O. M. G. You’ve got to add it to your “must-do”, bucket list, whatever. I know it can be expensive but I’m telling you, it’s worth, every, penny.

The things these people do! It’s mind-blowing.

I know. They practice. It’s an art. A skill. Still. It’s impressive. Words can’t even describe the awesomeness. The music. The singing! The acrobatics. The contortionist-type acrobatics! The timing. The costumes. The…everything to make it all come together. It’s simply amazing. Chills up my arms during the opening act awesome.

I wish I had pictures from the first half but I wasn’t sure cameras were “ok.” During intermission they announced no flash photography, and after that, it was ON baby!

Now, for purists, Cirque Dreams and Cirque de Soleil are not the same thing. True. But I’ve been to one show by each and I was impressed by both. So, my two-cents, if either are ever in your town, they are worth your time. If you want to be a purist, wait and see a Cirque de Soleil show in Vegas. I hope to see one some day. But Cirque Dreams was in New Orleans this past weekend, so to Cirque Dreams we went. We were not disappointed.

You’ll have to forgive my photography. I didn’t have my dSLR and I was taking point-and-shoot shots with no flash. It can only be so good.

This first shot is to highlight the costume of this character who was one of the singers. O.M.G. I loved her dress. It sparkled like you wouldn’t believe in the lights, which, I know you unfortunately can’t see very well. But maybe you can imagine. 🙂

On to some amazing balancing acts…

The stand the girl is on is balanced on the shoulders of the guy below and it spins! It was nuts.

Oh yeah, this spins too. She got up inside and then did all sorts of contortions while spinning, balanced on the guy below.

This guy. Lordy. He did a ton of balancing on things that rolled. He started out with one and this little ladder on the board. Then it really got crazy.

There are at least five rounded items under the board he’s standing on. And he’s spinning in a circle while balancing.

I think he’s got seven items he’s balancing on in this last act.

He never fell. It was crazy.

Balancing acts on bicycles. I wish I could have gotten more pictures of this act. There were up to four bicyclists out at a time, standing, balancing, jumping from bike to bike. Simply amazing.

The final act. The three singers and a solo dance/acrobat act.

She totally was doing en pointe, on the guy! I don’t know about you, but that impresses me.

The cast taking a final bow.

Really. I’m telling you. Mind-blowing awesome.

Pictures must not be too picturesque.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


One comment

  1. You are right, Jessica! The shows are amazing! I’ve seen two Cirque shows in vegas (Ka and Mystere) and two traveling shows in SF. All were awesome although the Vegas ones definitely are a whole ‘nother level. My hubby swears that “O” is the greatest one but I have not seen it yet- bucket list-definitely!

    Happy New Year!


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