Movie Monday – Fright Night, The Help, Bridesmaids

This week we have two raves and one dud.

Fright Night with Colin Ferrel = oh, so much fun! It is refreshing to watch a more traditional vampire story, not this new age-y Twilight junk. I wasn’t sure Colin would play off as a vampire well but I think he did a great job. We thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I’m not familiar with the original version from the ’80’s so I can’t tell you if it was better or worse but I’ve read reviews that say that they kept some things and went new directions with others.

I watched The Help while Don worked this past week, although I think if he had given it a chance that he would have liked it. I thought it was great. I’m looking forward to reading the book soon too. I know. I’m a little behind on getting on The Help bandwagon, most of you already know it’s a must-see or have already seen it. If you’re one of the few that hasn’t, give it a chance. It’s well worth your time.

Finally…we rented Bridesmaids. And, were disappointed. Don was razzing me about 20 minutes in, had I really picked this crap? It wasn’t a total disaster in my opinion. I liked some of the story behind all the crude jokes and stupid humor but it didn’t speak to Don at all. He just grinned and beared it because he’s good like that. I told him I thought it was better than Straw Dogs and he disagreed. So, there you go. It wasn’t the laugh fest I was hoping for. I can remember a lot of fb mentions when it was in the theater, comments that folks enjoyed it, so it surprises me that I didn’t like it much. How can I like the crude humor of a movie like The Hangover but not what they did in Bridesmaids? Did they just do it better in The Hangover? Is it just better when it’s men, than women? I don’t know but these are the questions that I wonder about.

People who LIKE movies have a favorite. People who LOVE movies couldn’t possibly choose.
~ Nicole Yatsonsky


One comment

  1. Jessica, We watched “Bridesmaids”, too and were so bummed. I also had been led to believe it was funny along the lines of “The Hangover” and I lost a lot of credibility with my husband. It just wasn’t that funny. Thumbs down. I’ll have to try “Fright Night”. We watched “Cowbys and Aliens” the next night and really enjoyed it. Daniel Craig= yum!


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