Chia Cat Grass

I thought I’d break up the food posts (I’ve got lots more queued up for you!) with something fun. I got this cute little Chia Cat Grass Planter for Christmas from my mom. Thanks Mom!

It grows wheat grass and oat grass for your cats to eat. It’s a tasty treat and good for their digestion, or so they say. So far, no ill effects.

Here, Milo is seeing it for the first time. He was very curious, but jumpy. The slightest movement or sound from me (even the shutter of the camera) and he would flinch away, then creep back in for closer inspection again. I had to hold in my laughter or risk spoiling it all and scaring him away.

It’s still just sprouting – boy does it grow fast! This is at about five days. It’s twice as long now only a few days later.

Here’s Olli getting a look-see.

Olli took to snacking on it right away once he was comfortable it wasn’t going to bite him. I have yet to see Milo eat any but that’s partly due to my keeping it from them most of the time so it can grow a bit fuller before they start winnowing it down. Usually it sits out of their reach; I had it in the window that day for about an hour to get some sun.

Yesterday, Olli found it’s “out of reach” location and snacked on about half of the grass while I was at work. I was glad that at least it wasn’t on the floor in pieces and strewn everywhere.

It’s now in a top shelf location that they absolutely CANNOT reach. I don’t think I can trust them to not make a mess of it on a daily basis so I’m not comfortable leaving it in a lower, easily accessible location. At least not yet. I’m thinking of monitoring their access once a day in the evenings. Hopefully I can fend off Olli long enough to allow Milo to have a few tastes to see if he likes it too.

I have been wondering how much would grow from the seeds that came with the planter and whether I would have to replant more or if it would just continue to sprout. I’m guessing I will have to buy more seeds but I’m not entirely sure yet. At least I know where to get them if I do.

A cat’s eyes are windows enabling us to see into another world.
~ Irish Legend

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