My New Favorite Thing

My Aladdin Recycled AND Recyclable Coffee Cup! 

REALLY? It’s made from recycled materials AND it’s recyclable when worn out?!!! Holy crap! I thought I was dreaming when I decided I wanted such a thing.

My trusty daily coffee tumbler that I’ve had for probably 2-3 years, from Starbucks, died during the holiday. It cracked in the side and it was no more. Since I was off work, I let it slide for a week but knew I had to get my butt out there to see if I could find a replacement before I went back to work. I was wishing for a recyclable coffee tumbler ever since I let that cracked Starbucks cup fall from my hand to the trash. Ugh, it still pains me now. I wish we had more recycling possibilities where I’m located but sadly, the local drop station only takes plastics 1 and 2. No 4 or 5, of which I’m sure this cup was made from, if it was even recyclable at all. I honestly can’t remember because I’m just trying to put it past me.

Happily, I chanced across this little gem, at Target of all places. I really, really didn’t expect to find anything that would be recyclable, much less MADE from recycled materials. But it is! And they make a lot of products! Who knew! (Apparently lots of people other than me; they’ve had this technology and product around since 2006. LOL  Hey, better late than never.)

Some hard-core coffee people might think it’s a little plain but I’m so over the moon excited about its construction, and ridiculously reasonable price at $10, that I’ll take a little plain if that’s what it takes. Most fancy, dressed up coffee tumblers are upwards of $15-$20 (even more if you’re really silly) and many aren’t green friendly. So I think this little Aladdin cup has a lot going for it.

How about some more good things about it?

  • BPA free!
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • Leak-proof lid (so far no complaints here!)

And I know I’m repeating myself a bit but I can’t help it!

  • Made from 97% recycled food-grade polypropylene containing 25% post-consumer content
  • Recyclable where [5] is collected (shoot! still going to have to find that someday; hopefully it will last me enough years that [5] collection will be a mainstay like [1] is now)

For more information about Aladdin and to shop their other many products, you can find them at (Check ’em out! Their products are available in many stores.)**

**I’ve not been compensated for my rant about my new cup. I’m just shouting my own personal excitement about it to anyone who will listen. (Thanks for listening!) 🙂

The supreme reality of our time is…the vulnerability of our planet.
~ John F. Kennedy

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