Ladies Eyes Only! Men, you’ve been warned.

Men, you might be curious but be warned, this post is about feminine functions. You might want to read ahead to see if your lady might like to hear about this awesome invention but I’m trying to give you a chance to press delete or browse on ahead to your next feed. Don’t blame me if you read on and regret it.

Ok. Any men left? You sure?



Check this out. Did you know there was an alternative to tampons and pads? I sure didn’t. By pure happenstance (of which I don’t even remember the circumstances) I learned of the menstrual cup. Say what?

Apparently these ingenious, re-usable devices have been around in some form or another since the late 1800’s. But societal views of menstruation have kept us from talking about our feminine products very well over the years, and when there was a larger push in advertising, the focus was on disposable solutions. Well I don’t know about you, but I’m all about less waste. I’m SO excited to have found a solution that reduces my feminine product waste AND reduces my expenses. For $27.27 US dollars I now have one product that is re-usable, made from medical grade silicone and therefore contains no toxic shock syndrome risks, and that will last for years before needing to be replaced.

Think of it ladies…think about all the tampons or pads you use in one month, multiplied by 12 months, then by years…then by millions of women! Think about how much less waste we will be leaving younger generations if we switched to cups.

Yes, it requires a little more in terms of being comfortable with your body, but I really think anyone already using tampons should not have any trouble switching to cups. It’s hardly different in terms of functionality and actually way better in my opinion. I was able to leave my cup in for a full 11 hours (testing how long I could go) without any leakage or problems. You can’t do that with tampons – or you shouldn’t anyway.

If you need a little more convincing, let’s look at numbers…

I typically bought a 100 count pk of tampons at Sam’s for $12.44 which would last 4 – 5 months (purchased twice in the year.) Another 40 pk at Walmart for $4.34 would round out the year which puts my annual expense for feminine products at about $30. Over the last 16 years of buying my own products, that’s $480 I’ve spent, give or take a little for price differences.

Now, if my $27 (let’s call it $30) cup lasts me for the next 5 years (the suggested life of the brand I chose), I’ve saved myself $120 already. Ok, so that’s not a HUGE number but think of those same 240 tampons going down toilets (and clogging the septic and sewer systems – they are made from absorbent, expanding material and not meant to be flushed, as much as the packaging might suggest otherwise) or going in landfills. Yuck. I know, none of us really wants to think about that but we should. It’s a reality that can’t be wished away by ignoring it.

There are actually a TON of menstrual cups out there to choose from. There is a GREAT blog with very detailed comparisons of the different cups to help ladies look at the different makes and models before choosing. After thoroughly reading through the blog I narrowed down my preferred choices to either the Femmecup or Lunette. In the end, I went with Femmecup** for a few reasons. My friend who turned me on to this (Thank you D!) has a Femmecup and loves it; Femmecup comes in one size only (Lunette you have to choose size 1 or 2 and how the heck do I know?); and Femmecup was less expensive.

As to be expected, I was nervous at first. Nervous about trying something new, whether it would work, whether it would leak, whether I would be able to insert it properly, whether it would get “lost” up there. And yes, some women do have trouble getting the hang of things, I was cautioned that there is a learning curve. I did have one fleeting moment on the first day that I inserted too far and would, god forbid, have to enlist assistance, but after a few deep breaths I worked things out on my own and after about two days I felt comfortable that I knew what I was doing. It’s super easy once you get the hang of it and I had less leakage than when I used tampons. I know, TMI for some people and sorry guys if you kept reading, but I really want to get the word out to other ladies about this amazing product. I don’t care what brand you decide on, it will change your life. Think about not having to cart around tampons or pads in your purse. What if you are camping or on a boat? What do you do with those disposable products? With a cup, just rinse it out and re-use. Seriously. If I’d known this was available I would have switched years ago. Tell your friends! Let’s change the world of feminine products as we know it!

Waste is a tax on the whole people. 
~ Albert W. Atwood

**I have not been compensated or contacted by Femmecup for my opinion; I just want to help spread the word that these are an alternative option for women.


  1. No problem! I love my cup. As someone who used a cup for about 6 months, (before getting pregnant again) I found that after a few cycles, my periods were lighter and I had less cramping. This will be TMI, but oh well. I also didn’t have the dryness and irritation from using tampons for several days. I was just normal, other than the bleeding.


    1. I am so happy with how easily I made the transition. I love my new cup! I was worried/skeptical but wanted to give it a chance and I’m just so happy I did. I have had to decline camping trips in the past because I wasn’t going to deal with tampons in the woods; and our long term plans are to buy a live aboard sailboat once Don retires (as opposed to the traditional buying of a house) so we are both excited that this will make living at sea easier in that respect too.


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