Hard Boiled Eggs – Easier Than You Might Think

Hard boiled eggs are so great to have on hand. You can make avocado egg salad (LOVED it!), avocado deviled eggs, tuna salad (mmm, need to try it soon), chicken salad so many different ways, primal scotch eggs (these look SO yummy!), chop them to top your green salad, or eat them as is for breakfast. I’m sure the list goes on.

Boiling eggs used to be a mystery to me and also seemed too hard. Are you kidding? I’m laughing at my old self right now. In case there are some out there who are also still mystified by the method, let me lift the veil for you. It’s so easy you’ll be amazed.

I’ve gotten into the habit of making five hard boiled eggs every weekend, usually on Sunday for the coming week. Five because that’s what fits in my smallest pan quite well. And it seems like a good number for us. We tend to eat them quick enough that they don’t go bad – except that one time. We’ve learned (since that one time) to label the eggs with the date boiled so we know how old they are, just in case we don’t eat them as quickly as usual. We mark them with a sharpie when dry and put them back in the egg carton with the other eggs. This is also a handy way to know which eggs are hard boiled and which are not.

Place your eggs in a pan (you don’t want a lot of room for them to jump around and possibly crack so it helps to make as many as will stuff your pan full, hence my little pan of five eggs.) Salt the water a little. Turn the heat to high and wait for a rolling boil.

Once the water boils, turn the burner off, place a lid on the pan, and set a timer for 10 minutes. Leave the pan on the burner.

Eventually the water will stop boiling. That’s ok. The eggs are still cooking.

Get a cold water bath ready for your eggs. I usually put a bowl with ice in the sink when my timer warns me the eggs have five more minutes. I add the water just before adding the eggs.

When your timer goes off, transfer the eggs from the hot water to the cold water bath.

Leave until cool. I often forget them for awhile while I do other things. You can tell by touch if you take one out and hold it whether it’s still warm or fully cooled off.

And that’s it folks! Dry them off, place back in your egg carton and label them. Or label one side of the carton. However you like to do it.

Now get in there and make yourself some eggs and try some of the yummy recipes I linked up in the post!

Love and eggs are best when they are fresh.
~ Russian proverb


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