Movie Monday – Chronicle

Friday we had a special treat. We watched Chronicle at the theater. (Thanks Yvette for the Christmas giftcard!)

OMG. We didn’t know it was opening night. LOL  We are not paying much attention to the movie releases these days. Theater-going, as much as we love it, has been one of the things we’ve had to cut back on. Sorry, I digress.

I think every seat in the theater was full. Thankfully we got seated early so we did not get stuck down front like many of the late-comers.

Hmm, the movie. I have mixed feelings about it. We were drawn to it partly because of the sci-fi story, three friends who gain superpowers and explore how to use them, and partly because the story was set in Seattle, our home turf. It was interesting. Slow at times. Lots of action in others. I didn’t like the way it was filmed (the found-footage technique), but the overall story was intriguing. The special effects were pretty cool but some of the darker story development didn’t appeal to me. However, it seems actual critics don’t share my perspectives. The film is getting a lot of praise so if you like sci-fi, you might want to put this on your list to see. (I don’t think it would hurt the viewing experience if you chose to wait to watch it on rental.)

Once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.
~ Spock, Star Trek, 2009


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