Sweet Potato Chips

This were not hugely successful but they were still tasty so I thought I’d share this experiment with you.

I got the recipe from Juli over at paleOMG. I swear I’m not stalking her. I just subscribe to her blog and she posts a LOT of interesting recipes. This recipe for Sweet Potato Chips came out before the superbowl as a paleo food munchie option for game time. She had a lot of other great game day snacks if you want to pop over to her site and check them out.

For my attempt at the chips, I used one fairly large sweet potato I had hanging around. I sliced it up and laid the chips out on the cookie sheet as described. I had so much that I had to do two batches. The first I brushed with a healthy amount of coconut oil and sprinkled with salt.

I baked them as suggested for 10 minutes at 400 degrees, took the tray out and flipped the chips (that’s a tedious process) and then baked for another 5 minutes. They didn’t look quite done (although I wasn’t exactly sure what I was looking for to be “done”) so I left them in for another couple of minutes. I took them out and set them aside to cool and laid out the second batch. I noticed the baked batch seemed soggy so I went with a much lighter brushing of the coconut oil on the second batch. Then, those went in the oven for about 12 minutes before I flipped. Back in the oven for another 5 minutes. Again, they seemed soft so I kept checking them at 2-3 minute intervals and ended up leaving them in for 10+ more minutes waiting for the edges to curl and the chips to become chip-like. My signal that they had to come out was when two of the chips were actually starting to burn. So, I took them out and added them to my bowl.

The second batch definitely came out a little more crispy than the first which were so soggy I’m surprised any of us ate them. But they still tasted like sweet potatoes with a little salt which really it’s awful, it was just unfortunate that they didn’t come out more like a chip. Even my second batch were not crispy enough to have scooped any dip like those pictured on Juli’s post. I can only surmise that I used too much coconut oil, that perhaps they need to be cut thinner, or baked longer on both sides in my oven. I may try them again someday, I may not. If this looks tasty to you, give it a try and let me know how it goes in case you have better luck.

Food should be fun.
~ Thomas Keller


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