Movie Monday – In Time, Saturday the 14th, The Thing, and Footloose

Alright folks, so this is what was missed last week with debacle of the almost-lost files. 🙂

This weekend (two weekends ago) we watched, In Time, a futurist sci-fi story of a society where humans are genetically engineered to live until age 25, and then any life beyond that must be earned, bartered, or stolen. It is a society where the rich can live forever and population is controlled by the poor’s inability to stay ahead of the cost of living. Because everything is paid for in time. A cup of coffee can cost you 5 minutes of your life. A bus ride, two hours. I thought this movie was incredibly thought-provoking. The dialogue is frequently layered with double meaning. In addition, the plot and action were solid and engaging. You are quickly thrown into the world in the beginning and it was a little jarring and difficult to follow at first. However, I think that if it had not been done this way, they would not have been able to do as much with the story so it was appropriate for building a strong future setting, grounded in rules and government vastly different from what we know. There are parallels to Bonnie and Clyde as well as Robin Hood in the story and we thought it played well. I’m not sure this movie would appeal to everyone but we certainly enjoyed it.

Talk about a jump to the other end of the spectrum with a goofy 80’s horror spoof called Saturday the 14th. Don likes to troll Netflix for strange and random things. I can’t tell you how much of a relief it is not to trail behind him for 30+ minutes in Blockbuster while he tries to look at everything on the shelf! Normally I can’t tolerate B rated movies, or goofy stupid comedy, or horror movies for that matter. I was reading my book when he started the flick, and to my surprise, I got pulled in by the sheer silliness and the nostalgia of the 80’s. This movie is about a family who move into a house they inherited, which brings with it a curse surrounding the date of Saturday the 14th. Creepy things begin to happen, “scary” monsters invade, and general silliness ensues. The story primarily spoofs on the Friday the 13th series but also pulls in lots of themes from other horror flicks as well, much like the Scary Movie spoofs of Scream. I wouldn’t recommend anyone go out of their way to see this, unless it’s your kind of thing, but I will say it was fun and we enjoyed it.

And since then…

We watched the new, 2011 version of The Thing. I thought it was a re-make of the original. Turns out, it’s a prequel. Cool. I never saw the original, I was too young when it came out and it just never came up later in life. Now I want to check it out. Although, I’m going to need a break from the creepy, scare-fest first. The prequel only gets a 6.3 on IMDb, whereas the original 1982 story gets an 8.2. Holy crap the original must be good because we really enjoyed the prequel! Both of us jumped in our seats more than once and some of the images were truly scary. If you like tense, jump-in-your-seat type movies, then this one needs to go on your must-see list. I had a headache three-quarters of the way through the movie I was so tense. LOL  Maybe not the best recommendation in a sense but for this type of movie it should be expected. It would have been a flop had it been dull and uninteresting.

Against my own better judgement, and due to a free Redbox rental code, good only on Sunday, I picked up the new Footloose remake. I was just telling a friend earlier this week that I wouldn’t watch it, that I didn’t want to see it, because I love the old one so much. But I watched the old one on Saturday, and my is it cheesy. I still have tons of nostalgia when I watch it and I love the music, but the dancing…oh my the dancing. After it was over, I found myself curious about the new one… And, I have to admit, it’s pretty good. Better than the 5.3 rating on IMDb. I say it’s at least a 7. It’s fun and the cheese factor is still present. Ren’s dance out his anger scene rivals the original in cheesiness – for different reasons. I think I prefer the original. In other respects, they did a great job putting the story in a current setting. So many little details make it more current, ipods, talk of cell phones and internet, and yet some details they kept the same, obviously as a nod to the previous movie. Some worked, like Ariel’s red boots, but some just didn’t fit, like the popped collar on Ren’s jacket his first day of school. Come on. That was so 80’s. I really don’t think anyone would be caught dead with a popped collar these days. LOL I liked the way they started the movie with the accident that precipitated all the laws in the town – a major divergence from the original story but one that I think played out really well. I also found interesting, a nod to the movement toward grass-fed farming in the beginning during Ren’s first dinner with his extended family. They mention not knowing if he’s vegan or vegetarian – again good current day references – and when he says burgers are fine, they add that it’s grass-fed beef. Such a quick little bit of dialogue that could be easily missed but I thought it was pretty cool.

Selling the house now would be like closing the barn door after the horses eat your children.
~ Van Helsing, Saturday the 14th

What do you think?

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