Movie Monday – The Hunger Games, Tintin

My goodness, what do you say about The Hunger Games? How do you say a movie with such dark content is good? I am one of the few who has not read the books, not yet anyway. They have actually been on my “list of books to read” for quite some time, long before I ever heard of a movie. But I never got around to them (my list is pretty darn long and sometimes books that aren’t on the list fall in my lap and who turns away a free book?) Once I heard there was a movie coming out, I figured I’d wait and watch the movie first. So, I am one of those who may not have the full scope of understanding of the story because I don’t have the added knowledge and background from the book. What I do know, from looking up a few things to understand the author’s intent a little better is that the story is an exploration of a dystopian society, which is an interesting concept to explore, and The Hunger Games Trilogy is certainly not the first piece of literature or film to explore that territory. One of the influences behind the author’s inspiration was the Greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur, as well as the role of reality tv in our culture, and lessons of the realities of war taught by her military father. (Source) There are many, many opinions floating around on the complexities of this film. Personally, I think it was made well; it is thought-provoking, disturbing and…worth seeing.

The Adventures of Tintin on the other hand is an upbeat, fun adventure. I wish we could have watched it all in one sitting but it didn’t really pan out that way which was frustratingly disruptive to the viewing experience. But we really enjoyed it. Much more than I expected. I had actually dragged my feet on renting it because for whatever unknown reason I thought it wasn’t going to appeal to me. Maybe I thought it was more of a “boy” movie. I was wrong. It is fun, lighthearted and totally a must-see for anyone who likes adventure.

Captain Haddock: So you thought you’d sneak in an’ catch me with me trousers down, eh?
Tintin: I’d rather you keep your trousers on if it’s all the same to you!
~ The Adventures of Tintin


One comment

  1. I know what you mean, I have a stack of books to read, but each time it comes down to time for writing or time for reading, I’ve been choosing writing. Which is bizarre as I’ve been a voracious reader all my life. Oh well, I guess I’ll get there… eventually.

    I received the Hunger Games Trilogy for Christmas and my daughter is almost done with them, though I have yet to crack a book. I’ll need to though, it’s the book this month for one of my book clubs.

    And I think I’ll have to check out the movie, too.


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