Movie Monday – Immortals and Tomorrow, When the War Begins


GOOD movie. A little violent. I’m glad we didn’t watch it in the theater because I think it would have been visual and graphic overload for me on the big screen. For any who don’t know, the story is one of Theseus, a mortal man, who, at occasional nudging of the gods and a little help from Zeus, leads an army against a ruthless ruler intent on destroying humanity. It was well done in many ways, outstanding graphics, great battle scenes, and well-played by the actors. I don’t think it’s a movie that has lasting staying power. I wouldn’t watch it over and over again and I doubt it would ever be looked back on as a classic. But it is entertaining and made for a great movie night at home.

Tomorrow, When the War Began

We stumbled across this hole-in-the-wall selection while browsing Redbox for something to watch last night. It was pretty darn good for something random and that we’d never heard of before. Sort of, end-of-the-world meets Breakfast Club. A group of eight teenagers go on a camping trip and while they are away, their country is invaded, their entire town taken-over and all the residents, families and friends taken prisoner. The kids then go through various stages of transformation from your every day teenagers with the typical high school concerns, to a band of revolutionaries. It might seem like a stretch but the transition is done quite well. There are some really great moments that I would hate to give away if anyone is interested. Overall, the acting is solid, the story is unique and different and if you’re at a loss for something to watch one night, I say it’s worth checking out.

There are some things that once you’ve lost, you never get back. Innocence is one. Love is another. I guess childhood is a third.
~ John Marsden



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