Some Kitty Love

Don was playing around taking pictures of Milo and me a couple of nights ago.

Milo was being adorable and putting his paw on my arm. It’s something he does.

You will bless me with foods. Yes?

Don’t take that as an invitation to touch him though. He likes to be the one to do the touching. Just enough to say, I’m here. You serve me. LOL

Do not move human. You will disturb my slumber.

This one is my favorite.

Really? The things I tolerate from you...

For those that know the boys have not been well, Milo is doing much better. He’s still a bit sneezy and thin but slowly making a comeback.

Olli is still feeling pretty poorly but hopefully coming out of it soon.

Cats never strike a pose that isn’t photogenic.
~ Lillian Jackson Braun



  1. That’s hilarious – my cat used to do exactly the same thing, just plonk his paw there and be like: “what? I’m resting my arm!”

    I like to think it’s cos they are being possessive 🙂 He’s a v cute guy by the way


  2. Hi Jessica! Love the pics – he reminds me of my Zoe! She does that every once in a while when I curl up next to her – just puts a paw on my arm to say “It’s okay, you belong here.” Hope Olli is up & stalking again soon!


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