The Boys Are Settling In

To those who have expressed concern and well wishes for the boys, thank you! They are both back to their mischievous selves and settling in to the new place. Milo still sneezes more than he ever did before he got sick, but he seems to be fine in every other way. Olli got over his awful cough and seems to be back to normal, eating like a pig again.

Just a few pics for you fellow cat lovers out there…

I can’t believe Milo can insert himself into such small spaces. He’s our ninja kitty!

Olli’s first night. Can you see the fear? LOL He was a little frantic at first.

But as the furniture found placement, it looked more like home, and the boys settled down.
(Milo left, Olli right.)

Milo enjoys finding high places to hang out.
(Top of a bookshelf that he’s NEVER had access to before.
Soon to be reclaimed by photos and trinkets.)

Olli goes for comfort.

Or trying to bogart Milo’s space. (Milo left, Olli right.)
Milo: Are you kidding me? Find your own spot.

There is something about the presence of a cat… that seems to take the bite out of being alone.
~ Louis J. Camuti



  1. So glad to hear that everybody’s healthier! Cute pictures – my cat also loves fitting herself into unbelievably tight spaces. No claustrophobia in the feline world!


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