Movie Monday – One For the Money, New Year’s Eve, Battleship

Diablo III came out last week. All you gamers (or partners to gamers) will know what I’m talking about. It was released on Tuesday. While it was downloading, we had a conversation something like this…

Don: Do you want to stop by Redbox and get a movie? 

Jess: I thought you would be playing Diablo. 

Don: I meant, get a movie for you

Jess: Oh, I see. Because you’re going to be gaming. It’s my chance to watch something you don’t want to see? Sure. 

So, I picked up One for the Money. I’ve actually enjoyed a number of the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich back in 2003 when I was commuting back and forth from the Seattle area to the Southern Oregon Coast where Don was assigned for his first Coast Guard duty station. At the time I agreed to work a few extra months with my employer in Washington and I drove down almost every weekend, 8 hours, to see Don in Oregon. Audio books kept me from going nutty during that much driving. The Stephanie Plum series is lots of fun; she’s a great quirky, savvy character who essentially works as a bounty hunter. The stories are a mix of mystery, humor, and romance.  I didn’t have high expectations for it to play out amazingly on screen and I was about right. It was the kind of movie I felt ok to get up and move around while watching. I wasn’t worried about missing things or having to pay close attention to anything. Maybe that was partly because I knew the story, but I think it was also because it was just one of those light, not very serious,  not very compelling movies. I’m not saying don’t watch it; it was mildly entertaining and might be more well received by someone unfamiliar with the series.

New Year’s Eve really surprised me! I am shocked by the low rating on IMDb. I LOVED it. Again, I didn’t have high expectations for it. It looked like one of those movies with a ton of familiar faces and a ton of different stories woven into a larger tapestry, which so often just doesn’t work for me. I thought it would be another Valentine’s Day, which I didn’t like. Same Director, same Writer. Two totally different experiences. New Year’s Eve just really worked for me. It was sweet. It was funny. It was sad. It’s totally worth seeing if you haven’t. I actually would like to get a copy to add to my holiday collection. I can totally see watching this over and over.

Saturday we decided to treat ourselves to a theater movie – we watched Battleship. It was GOOD. If you like that sort of thing: aliens, action, sci-fi stuff. We do. The music was great, the story, eh, it had a few arguable moments or holes (but almost every movie does), and the characters were likeable/believable. It was a little slow in the beginning for me, but Don thought it was appropriate character development. I did not know it was “based on the Hasbro game” until the credits rolled but once I did, it made complete sense and I recognized some of the parallel elements. For example, the missiles from the alien ships are shaped like the game piece pegs and they land embedded in the ship before blowing up. The creators also went to great lengths to be authentic in their portrayal of the military and we felt like they did a decent job. Again, we could criticize a few things but, I’d rather just say it was good effort and let it go. Don served on a destroyer when he was in the Navy so I think that made it more real to both of us and it can be hard to watch and imagine the many deaths that can and do take place in the line of duty. We both squirmed in our seats more than once; the action is intense. All in all, good entertainment and a nice nod to the military, and to veterans who also play a role and are recognized through the course of the film. And to top it off, our theater-goers clapped when it was over. I say that says something about it’s quality.

Lieutenant Colonel Mick Canales: Let’s give the world one more day.
BIP Scientist: Who talks like that?
~ Battleship



  1. You didn’t like Valentine’s Day?! I love that movie and watch it whenever I see it in the Tivo guide. I will have to see New Years Eve.


    1. Maybe it was just because I don’t really get into Valentine’s Day as a holiday. Idk. I don’t really remember much except that I didn’t like it. lol


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