Movie Monday – We Bought A Zoo, Eureka Syfy Series

First…a thank you to all of our armed forces and their families. Whether you have served, are currently still serving, or have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country, I salute you.

Now, back to regular programming…

Last week I got a free Redbox code (I love those!) so I picked up We Bought A Zoo. It was really sweet – and the music was great. It’s pretty self explanatory but for those who don’t know, it’s about a man and his two children who buy a house that is on property with a zoo and they try to revitalize the zoo, and heal some family wounds at the same time. It was a good family friendly movie. I was worried it might be too slow but it was perfectly measured. I laughed. I cried a little once, and balled my eyes out later. (Sometimes you just need a good cry and you cry more than it really calls for.) 🙂 I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys heartwarming stories or animals.

We’ve also been watching Eureka lately. An original Syfy series that started in 2006, it was something that had caught our eye but we just never managed to catch any episodes. After 5 seasons, of which the last is winding down the show is ending, we are finally checking it out, via Netflix. Actually, Don cheated and started watching it on his own on duty nights before bed, but to give him credit, I don’t think he knew I had always wanted to see it and would have watched it with him. So he made it to Season 2 without me and I’ve been catching up on Season 1 so we can start watching together. As for the show, it’s cute. A little campy, obviously not meant to be taken too seriously. It’s fun, light entertainment if you’re looking for a bit of that sort of thing and haven’t watched already.

Dr. Witicus: It’s been building since last night. It is an incredibly dangerous confluence of meteorological events.
Carter: Uhh?
Henry: A perfect storm.
Carter: Thank you.
Dr. Witicus: A spinning cyclone of instability. High up in the cryosphere.
Henry: Ice funnel of death.
Carter: Gotcha. Why don’t you people just say ‘ice funnel of death’?
~ Eureka


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