Reading Corner – Maximum Ride

Wow, two reading corner posts in one week! That’s a first.

Maximum Ride was a quick, easy read. It’s young adult fiction – a little too young for me at times. The writing is choppy, I imagine to make the reading easier for young readers, and the dialogue (internal and spoken) was often unrelatable for me but it’s entirely believable for the age group of the characters, ranging from 6 – 14 years old. Maximum Ride is the first in a series with 7 books published and the 8th due out in August. It’s hugely popular from what I can tell and could very well be another Harry Potter or Hunger Games extravaganza. There is a movie is in the works although I couldn’t find much on the progress of the film other than an expected release in 2013 and the author’s desire that the cast be all unknowns. The story centers around six kids who have been genetically manipulated (enhanced?) to exhibit special abilities and super powers but through cruel and unusual methods. The kids are on the run, having escaped the lab and are in search of answers, a normal life, real parents, etc. Then there’s talk of saving the world but that all comes later. The book ends on a cliffhanger forcing the reader to pick up the next installment if they want any satisfaction of knowing how the story ends. I found the story interesting, I would like to know where it goes but I’m not in love with the writing style. I may be slow picking up the next book but I imagine I will eventually. If done well I think it could make for a fantastic movie.

On the recommendation from a couple of folks, I’m giving Marian Keyes another chance and now reading Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married. So far so good.

You cannot open a book without learning something.
~ Confucius


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