Make Your Own Deodorant – Part II

It has been three weeks since I made the switch to my own home-made deodorant. The first week I wasn’t sure about it. The second week, I thought it was pretty good but now, after three full weeks, I can confidently say I LOVE IT! I really don’t know that I could (or would ever want to) go back.

I had read that it is common to experience a transition period while your body adjusts and I think that’s what I was experiencing in week two. I had a new funky smell that wasn’t overpoweringly awful but it was quite different from what I was accustomed to with traditional products. But as the days went by it become less and less noticeable. Now, I’ve actually got less body odor than ever! I can’t tell you how much of a surprise that has been.

In terms of application, it’s easy to use, although it requires a little more hands on help. It stays solid when the cap is on the stick. Once applied to my skin the coconut oil warms up considerably and rubs on easily. Then I rub the mixture around with my hand for more complete and even coverage. I think if I made my blend with a little less coconut oil so that it was firmer I might not need to do this but it really doesn’t bother me. A little coconut oil and baking soda on my hands? Not a deal breaker for me. Washes off pretty easy.

Natural deodorants and home-made deodorants don’t help with perspiration because they are lacking the key antiperspirant ingredient of aluminum. I knew that going in. But this was something I was willing to trade in exchange for using totally natural products. This was a big concession for me though. Anxiety driven perspiration has plagued me since I was about 12. I wore jackets all day to hide pit stains the size of Texas throughout middle school and high school. Form-fitting clothing was not an option for many years. Even now shopping is an art form (and a frickin’ chore!) as only certain cuts, styles, and fabrics do not aggravate or accentuate my problem. Interestingly, I’ve not had a problem with excessive perspiration in the last three weeks. Either my anxiety level has simply been in check or perhaps my problem was always somewhat exacerbated by traditional products. Only time will tell.

I though the first week that it seemed to irritate my skin slightly, similarly to the crystal. However, after some experimentation with shaving (or not shaving) I’ve learned that the irritation seems to be from the shaving (nicks and cuts) more than the deodorant. So, I’m working on finding a new shaving routine, trying electric shavers, and other such alternatives, including just shaving less frequently and since I stopped shaving daily in the shower, the irritation stopped as well. Interestingly, shaving less does not seem to equate with smelliness. Who knew?

So there you have it. If you decided to give this a try or you’ve been doing it for years successfully, please leave a comment below and share how it’s going for you. I’d love to know other recipes or blends if you’re doing something slightly different from me.

Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.
~ Archbishop Desmond Tutu



  1. I so need to try this! I have actually been putting coconut oil on before my deoderant for a while now and find that it is more effective. Silly me for not switching all together. As for the razor burn issues, I am now going to publically admit that I generally only shave once a week and have found that I have less perspiration issues if I don’t shave often. Granted, I have blond hair, so a little stubble isn’t noticeable on me.


  2. I’m glad you like it! I’ve been using the crystal for the past several months and really like that. It’s not homemade, but only has one all-natural ingredient.

    You’re right it take a bit of adjusting, but it’s well worth it once you get past the first couple weeks. The nice thing I’ve noticed is that when you do sweat through your shirts, it will dry clear. When using commercial deodorants it will dry and leave a stain. But when using the salt stick (and i’m assuming this would be true for your recipe as well) there is no stain!


    1. I had not noticed or made the connection to the stains as coming from the traditional products. I definitely have noticed that over years past. No stains will be another great benefit to going all-natural.

      I think if I had stopped shaving as frequently when using my crystal, then perhaps it would have worked just as well. I just always thought there was something in the crystal that was causing the burn, not thinking about the harshness of shaving. My most recent crystal had the added dysfunction of being broken in half by Olli, by knocking it off the counter, which made it difficult to use and was the other push for making my own and going another way.


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