Movie Monday – Contraband, The American

Contraband is an action/drama crime story. A retired smuggler (played by Mark Wahlberg, mmm…yummy) gets dragged back into the business by his brother-in-law’s stupidity. It wasn’t bad. But I wouldn’t go out of my way to recommend it to anyone. If you enjoy action-heist movies then you might like it. Most people I know probably wouldn’t be all that interested. It was very average in story, performance, and action.

I also tried to watch The American with George Clooney. Wow, what a suck fest. I turned it off after wasting too much of my life (maybe 40 minutes?) waiting for something to happen. I wasn’t even interested enough to stick it out to see what would happen. It was so incredibly slow and dull. Apparently this film is more about cinematic aesthetics than anything else. Not my cup of tea.

Milton: Excuse me, I believe you have my stapler…
Office Space, 1999


One comment

  1. I did not like The Decendent’s either. It is unusal for me not to like a George Clooney movie so it is disheartning to hear there is another recent bad movie of his out there.


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