Reading Corner – Futureland

Futureland by Walter Mosley is a collection of nine short stories that are seemingly separate but together they paint the tapestry of a futuristic world that is technology-laden, politically charged, corrupt…and scary. I’m having difficulty coming up with the words to describe the experience of this book. With the turn of each page, you are pulled deeper into the rabbit hole, compelled more and more by the strange and yet familiar world. Powerful is the word that comes to mind most at the very end. Powerfully philosophical and profoundly thought-provoking. If sci-fi, fantasy, philosophy, or doomsday stories peak your interest, you will find this collection of stories intriguing.

A generation from now, things aren’t much different from today: The drugs are better, the daily grind is worse. The world’s knowledge fits on a chip in your little finger, the Constitution doesn’t apply to individuals, and it’s a crime to be poor.
~ Walter Mosley, Warner Books, 2001


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