Summer Storms

We had a whopper of a storm Friday night and another Saturday afternoon.

Friday’s blew in with a vengeance, seemingly out of nowhere. We ran outside when it first started and the wind was blowing so hard it could have been a hurricane. It’s actually the hardest, most intense storm we’ve seen in all four years that we’ve lived in the south.

Our power was knocked out pretty quickly.

We decided to sit outside and enjoy the show a bit.

It was hard to really capture the storm in photos. The rain was just dumping, lightening was strobing, and the thunder shook the house. So much so that it knocked this picture askew in its frame!

Stranger too, Olli wanted to come outside with us and he was happy as a clam despite the storm activity.

Milo on the other hand…was not so sure.

Milo did come out for a bit but pretty quickly wanted back inside.

Olli didn’t seem the least concerned even when the thunder cracked and boomed right overhead. But you better get out of his way if there are strangers about. He’s got a stranger fear like none other. He was outside with me one day, middle of the afternoon, enjoying the sun, and some neighbors were parking a boat nearby. One person was outside the vehicle directing the driver and Olli went into ‘stranger-danger’ panic mode. He couldn’t even really see them but he could hear the strange voices. I find it curiously funny that things like storms don’t bother him but strange voices do.

Saturday morning, all was calm, the sun was shining as usual. We got our power back early in the morning but the internet and cable were out till early afternoon. When, another storm suddenly cropped up again. Just like Friday night, it was intense. Thankfully it only last about an hour or two before moving on.

Here’s a look at our drainage in the parking lot, before the Saturday’s deluge…

And after…

How you view a storm is a question of perspective; provided you find the right rock to watch it from, it could be the most incredible thing you’ll ever witness.
~ Dan Stevens


  1. As I type this, there’s torrential rain outside. It’s been going for hours with no sign of stopping and the thunder woke me up at 4am this morning (just before the power went out!). Your cats are brave….our dog isn’t so hardy – he’s cowering upstairs under a very heavy desk (I think that’s where he feels most secure) poor thing. Hope the weather improves! I’m starting to think we’ll be flooded out 😦


    1. It’s raining here again too. Just started shortly after I posted – right when we wanted to go outside for some exercise. We went anyway. LOL It’s not like the last two days, just a little rain mostly. Hope you don’t wash away!


  2. Maryland has been blasted with storms recently. If only this rain had arrived when it could have actually done some good for the crops! Everything has been roasted in this relentless heat.


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