Movie Monday – Wanderlust, Lockout

I think Wanderlust deserves a far better rating than the 5.7 it got on IMDb! We laughed our butts off. Even Don!

I knew I wanted to see it, a friend had recommended it a few weeks ago. So when I saw it in Redbox this week, I said to Don, “Can I pick the movie tonight?”

Don: “That sounds like a loaded question.”

Me: “Please? Just let me pick.”

And so, he did. 🙂

At one point, laughing, Don said, “This is a weird movie.” But he was laughing and smiling and enjoying it throughout.

There was one segment that didn’t work for us. I don’t want to go into details and ruin any of your fun, you might like it. It just wasn’t hitting the mark for us. Especially Don, who said, “Guys don’t do that. Have you ever known a guy to say/do that?!”

If you haven’t heard of Wanderlust, it’s about a Manhattan couple who fall on hard times and while trying to weather their personal-financial storm, they fall into a rural (hippie) community where life operates a little differently they are accustomed. Of course, hilarity ensues. It’s fun. Trust me.

Lockout on the other hand was a complete and total bomb. It had potential! The story was fresh and could have been great. Government agent wrongly convicted of espionage; President’s daughter trapped on a prison station in space (in the future); man is offered his freedom if he can rescue the girl. Unfortunately, the execution was terrible. Scenes were disjointed. Character development was poor and therefore characters were unbelievable. And it gets a 6.1 on IMDb? Someone is smoking crack. This is one time where the ratings don’t meet up with our review. I would flip these two and give Lockout something in the 3-4 range and Wanderlust a high 6 or low 7 rating.

Just my two cents.

You two must be the proud owners of the upside down people mover out in the driveway.
~ Seth


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