Movie Monday – GONE, Friends with Kids

This past weekend we watched GONE with Amanda Seyfried. I think we both had low expectations but considering the options at Redbox right now – Piranha (blech), Casa de mi Padre (really?), Mirror Mirror (eh), among others – it was something to watch. Pleasantly, we were both surprised. The movie kept us guessing and it really wasn’t half bad. Essentially the story is of a young woman who was kidnapped by a killer but who escaped, and she’s convinced he’s found her again when her sister suddenly disappears. It’s a relatively simple plot but there is a fair amount of character development that gives the story a little more edge than first appears.

We also watched Friends with Kids. Romantic comedies are not Don’s first choice and typically this is the sort of movie I would pick up and watch alone when he’s on duty. But as I said, there’s just not much to choose from so he grudgingly agreed. In this very unconventional rom-com, two friends decide to have kids together, thinking that somehow it will be easier to not be romantically involved and have children. It was done pretty well. Lots of quick wit; one of those you really have to be engaged and not distracted or you might miss the punchline. I laughed quite a bit. I think Don was surprised that he enjoyed as much as he did, but it seriously lost his interest when it went full-blown happy-ever-after cheesy ending. It was also thought-provoking. We stopped it at least twice to have conversations about relationships, couples, and kids. I wouldn’t say run out and rent it but it wouldn’t be bad to pick up on a rainy day when you don’t have much else going on.

There is a thin line that separates laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy, humor and hurt.
~ Erma Bombeck


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