Movie Monday – American Reunion, Falling Skies – Season 1

American Reunion was pretty darn good, if you like that kind of thing. I’d heard it was but was still skeptical after the last two installments. It’s got some slow moments and some cheap laughs but when all was said and done, my face was a little sore afterwards from all the smiling and laughing so I have to give it a thumbs up. Don liked it too.

We spent a good portion of our weekend watching the first season of Falling Skies. We managed to catch the first one or two episodes on TV but then we lost track of it. Not having a DVR and trying to catch shows when they actually air is such a problem for us. Falling Skies is an alien invasion series, focused on a group of people who have survived and are working together to resist the aliens. It’s really good. We really enjoy it. I’m sure fellow sci-fi fans are already ahead of us on Season 2 but if for some reason you’ve missed this series and you enjoy science fiction and alien invasions, then be sure to pick this up when you get the chance.

We are also still enjoying Eureka. We are up to about the middle of Season 3.

Michelle: Every time I wanna shop online and I start typing Amazon, pops up. 
~ American Reunion


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